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2007-09-04 04:28:16 by export-gold

Thankyou to everyone who either watched or reviewed! Great to hear from you all.
And thanks for the Daily 4th place!!!! really glad about that.

If you need any tips for making a stick movie, take a look (: you may learn something.
I aint no Jcamelo but you should have a look anyway (:



2007-08-17 03:57:38 by export-gold

Hey could everyone who views this please watch my movie "WAR - Grey Death" and tell me what you think, cuz its like a new style of animating, but you wont waste your time, its not that bad. Thank you soooo much!!!!!!!!


2007-08-10 00:12:13 by export-gold

Hey could anyone possibly send me the sound packs from shiftlimits? Thanks.

MADNESS SPRITES!!!!!!!!URGENT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

2007-07-25 02:14:37 by export-gold

hey everyone I was just wondering where to get those madness combat 7 sprites from????
any help would be much apppreciated!!!!!

Hey I was wondering if anybody could tell me how to get that matrix slo motion soundeffect?

It would be much appreciated If someone could do so.
Thnx XD