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2007-08-17 03:57:38 by export-gold

Hey could everyone who views this please watch my movie "WAR - Grey Death" and tell me what you think, cuz its like a new style of animating, but you wont waste your time, its not that bad. Thank you soooo much!!!!!!!!


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2007-08-17 10:48:03

Well ok....but if is does suck...well...idunno.

It just better not.


2007-08-28 22:13:16

Yeah, watched that while in judgement. It was awesome. Whatever youre doing with those "Blurs" every time a gun fires, keep doing it. Its awesome. Now go make another before I get cranky :D


2007-08-29 03:12:31

hey how do you message people cuz im new an i dont really kno much yet


2007-08-29 04:53:35

That so cool dude! I gave it a 4 just because it said "this flash is crunk fo' shizzal!"

export-gold responds:

Lol yea it should say that on the 5


2007-08-30 15:59:15

it was good!
i liked it, and i noticed that you had some movie spoof in there to.
like monty python and the holy grail.
"my king? i didnt vote for you."


2007-08-31 23:22:23

you are really gifted. keep on truckin!

export-gold responds:

Hehehe I will!!!!


2009-11-08 16:13:10

NICE ANIMATION DUDE!!!!!! I have one thing to ask its about STICK Tutorial can u pls send me a message what the program is called!!!!!TY